Guide Ordering Guide

- 01 -
Installing the LINE App

  1. Access the official LINE website from your smartphone's browser to install the LINE app.
  2. Start LINE and tap [New Registration].
  3. After confirming [Terms of Use] and [Privacy Policy], enter your phone number and tap [→].
    Please send your authorization number to SMS.
  4. Enter the authentication number from the SMS you received.
  5. Tap [Create New Account]. Set your name and profile picture, and tap [→].
  6. Tap [→] after registering a password.
    *Passwords must be at least 8 charactoers long , and have a combination of at least three of the following : upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.
  7. Confirm the Add Friends setting (Use Address Book) and tap [→].
  8. Check various confirmation items.
  9. This completes the initial setup of LINE.

- 02 -
Order via LINE App

  1. Access the OWL Delivery order page.
    • - For those viewing on a PC -
      Scan the QR code below
      from your smartphone camera.
    • - For those viewing on a smart phone -
      Press the "Order Now on Line" button at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select "Fixed to Home Tab" or "Not Now".
    If you select "Fixed to Home Tab", you will be able to easily access it from the LINE app home screen from next time.
  3. Select "Proceed to Order".
  4. Select the restaurant and menu you wish to order from.

    ※Each order is limited to one store. If you place an order across multiple stores,we may cancel your order.

  5. Scroll to add toppings. Select quantity and add to cart.
  6. Return to the Order List screen and select "View Cart".
  7. Fill in the required fields and press "Complete Order".

    ※Each order is limited to one store. If you place an order across multiple stores, we may cancel your order.

  8. Press the "OK" button to confirm your order.